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Sean.Levy at CS.CMU.EDU Sean.Levy at CS.CMU.EDU
Thu Nov 29 21:08:47 UTC 1990

I have another approach, still based on the TCP facilities. It is, in
essence, the same as what you suggest, except that the other end of the
connection is not an X server, but what we call a UI server, which,
ultimately, may be talking to X, but may not be (Display PostScript, for
example). We have several different implementations of this idea, with
various approaches to the internal architecture of the server, the
language spoken between it and its clients, etc. 

These efforts, at present, are based on a toolkit I built called Xow (X
Object Widgets), which are essentially graphical representations of
objects (in the traditional OO sens), relations between objects (Links),
which are themselves objects, and hierarchies (Objects can contain sets
of other objects -- we think of this as a graphical representation of
part/whole hierarchies). Having SELF objects which "talk" to graphical
objects which are, in a sense, totally analagous to them, seems a
natural idea. It is one we are very keen on exploring, at several levels.


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