Am I missing something?

Sean.Levy at CS.CMU.EDU Sean.Levy at CS.CMU.EDU
Thu Nov 29 08:09:03 UTC 1990


I just FTP'ed both the Sun3 and Sun4 versions of Self, after having
graciously been given an account to do so. Both images dump core
immediately, under Mach and SunOS, on both architectures. The SunOS
version on the Sun3 is 4.1, and 4.0.3 on the Sun4. The Mach versions
probably won't mean anything to you, but it should be noted that I
generally have little or no trouble running SunOS binaries under Mach,
assuming that said binaries make no calls to libpixrect or other SunOS
nonsense. I had been under the impression that I didn't _have_ to use
the Sun GUI if I didn't want to -- is this indeed the case? I was trying
to run Self in an xterm telnetted to the two SunOS machines, so
obviously if Self was EXPECTING me to be on the console, it was sorely
disappointed. The little blurb in the mail I got seemed to imply that I
didn't HAVE to sit in front of the console unless I wanted to try the UI.

On three other notes (a chord!):

. Will Self be ported to PMAXen and other archtectures? We are VERY
interested in using Self for development of a system for supporting
engineering design and collaborative work, but one of  our MAIN
requirements on a language is that it work on EVERY reasonable
archtecture (this count currently hovers around 7, depending on who you
talk to).

. I have developed a library of X11 widgets under Xt for use in Object
Oriented User Interfaces, and was hoping VERY much to use said library
from Self. Will this simply not be possible with only the binary?

. Will sources ever be available?

Of course, the answer to this last question is really the one I want,
since if I have source I can port it myself.

Appologizing in advance for the temerity of my questions, I am faithfully

		{ Sean }

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