Self UI

Kuba Kubalski kuba%starcom%navtech at sj.ATE.SLB.COM
Tue Nov 6 02:16:02 UTC 1990

The recent discussion concerning the Self UI raised some interesting
issues, and I decided to put my two cents.

Crating messages can employ the method known form spreadsheets: while
in the expression editing mode (I know that modal interface is bad but
it is easier to describe and besides it should be possible to do this
in modeless fashion) a click or grab enters the cell reference into the
expression.  This can be used in Self word.  Garbing an object defines
receiver or a message argument, grabbing a slot defines a message
selector.  There is still some typing necessary but defining
expressions in the above way I personally feel is closer to working
with "real" objects then just typing Self expressions.

Just rambling


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