Processes in the next realease of Self

Shaun Smith ssmith at
Fri Dec 14 16:41:31 UTC 1990

Can someone from the Self group provide some details on processes and
process scheduling in the next realease of Self.

I'm wondering if it will be possible to have a process amongst a number
of processes that is responsible for monitoring a unix socket.  When
there is nothing pending on the socket, this process would be suspended.
When something is detected on the socket, then I'd want the process
responsible to wake up and do whatever it's supposed to do.

Essentially, what is the nature of the scheduling planned for Self?  I
was frustrated at one time with ParcPlace Smalltalk because "processes"
were indeed independent threads of execution, but the scheduler (that
resided in the VM) did not actually do time slicing.  In order for the
currently executing process to "lose control" of the CPU, it had to
explicitly surrender it.  At least this is the way I _thought_ it was
happening.  If anyone can enlighten me I won't argue.


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