Is the compiler necessary?

Sean.Levy at CS.CMU.EDU Sean.Levy at CS.CMU.EDU
Thu Dec 13 19:38:24 UTC 1990

I have not had a chance to use SELF yet, so excuse me if this is an
ignorant question. Is having the compiler absolutely necessary to use
SELF? I ask because it seems that retargetting the compiler for other
architectures will take time and work, and I don't expect it to happen
right away. However, I need an environment that I can use EVERYWHERE,
right now. Does the VM compile and work on architectures other than
Sun4? If so, would that be enough for me to start working with SELF on
other architectures? If so, can the source to the VM be made available?
Is the speed of interpreted SELF so slow as to make this not a viable
option? I see that much of the work on SELF has been put into the
compiler, so I would not be surprised if this were the case.


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