Sharing infrastructure with Squeak sounds sensible to me too.

How is Squeak set up? Does it use a commercial email service or a cloud Linux vm?

Also is Pharo doing its own thing with its mailing list or is it on the same system?


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> Hi JecelYou are right. Our time on Yahoo is clearly limited and
> we should move somewhere now before we are booted off.

I felt really bad about spamming everyone the last time and wouldn't
like to do it again. On the other hand, now we have your web site for
the language (which was also missing in action back in 1997) so posting
a link to the new list there should do the trick if needed.

> We need to keep an archive of the messages from this period.
> This is very important! Ideally I?d like to merge them with your
> old archive and put them in a single searchable place

That would be ideal. I got the original messages as a single .mbox file
and then ran some scripts on that to generate the files I linked to.
When I started the Egroups list there was a promise that we would be
able to upload old archived messages to it but I think it involved
getting help from the site's administrators and it never happened.

> .I think Yahoo is deleting our archive on December 14.

I am not sure if that is the case or if they will just be deleting
photos, uploaded files and things like that on that date. But as I said,
it is only a matter of time before they decide to delete the emails as

> Do you know how to download a copy or do we need to spider it?

There are several options. I have heard that there is a tool within
Yahoo itself to do that, and I will check that out. There are fancy
Python scripts to download everything (photos, files, subscriber list,

> We also need to work out where to go.
> I?m happy myself to move to a new mailing list but I understand
> that is pretty old school for open source projects now.

This is an old school project ;-)

> I?d def vote against using facebook or similar where we are tied in.

I am not on Facebook, so have very limited access to stuff there.

> I was given a link to which looks a potential home
> but I haven?t investigated in full.

This was created by the same guy who did Egroups, so we would be going
full circle. They have some free features and also paid versions. Until
March of this year you could create a free group and migrate everything
off an old Yahoo group automatically. After that date this functionality
is limited to those paying $110 per year.

It still is possible to create a new group and manually move
stuff there.

> In the past I have run my own mail server, but Gmail?s spam filters
> etc make that a no-go nowadays.

Me too. Even the commercial service I am currently using (Locaweb) is
not without its problems.

In another email, Tobias Pape wrote:
> Maybe we can ask the squeak community? They (that is,
> mostly I) run their own mailing list infra:

I would be happy with this option.

-- Jecel