Hi Jecel
You are right. Our time on Yahoo is clearly limited and we should move somewhere now before we are booted off.

We need to keep an archive of the messages from this period. This is very important! Ideally I’d like to merge them with your old archive and put them in a single searchable place.
I think Yahoo is deleting our archive on December 14.
Do you know how to download a copy or do we need to spider it?

We also need to work out where to go.

I’m happy myself to move to a new mailing list but I understand that is pretty old school for open source projects now.

I’d def vote against using facebook or similar where we are tied in.

I was given a link to https://groups.io which looks a potential home but I haven’t investigated in full.

In the past I have run my own mail server, but Gmail’s spam filters etc make that a no-go nowadays.

Cheers Russell

On 25 Oct 2019, at 12:14 pm, 'Jecel Assumpcao Jr.' jecel@merlintec.com [self-interest] <self-interest@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

Yahoo is eliminating nearly all functionality from groups. We only use
it for the mailing list and that should continue for a little while, but
it is just a matter of time before they kill that as well.

The list started on a server at Stanford and them smoothly moved to a
machine at Sun. But then it was simply killed a few years after the
project was offcially over. I saved an archive of the old messages at


After waiting to see if anything would happen, I decided to use the new
Egroups service to create a new mailing list. But there was no way to
let the people from the old list know about it, so I spammed all the
email addresses in that archive hoping people would forgive me as having
a good cause. After that the Egroups company got bought by Yahoo so we


We have 496 members and 3646 messages. If we are forced to migrate
again, I would suggest doing so while we can still announce here where
to go.

-- Jecel