Dear Jecel:
> Yes, they do not try because they cannot even understand it!!

Check out these student's experiences with Self:

There were some things they liked, a lot that they didn't. But they
didn't have the kinds of problems you seem to imply the "most important
researchers" are having with the language.

> I have finished reading this report!!It obviously coincides with

my feelings and expectations about Self.
I am sure the graphical editor to design ecobuildings we designed
together and you implemented it in Self is far more evolved than
their very simple text editor.
And I am sure they have much more problems than we simply
because they do not have a robust domain model. I believe
the data structure used does not fully exploit Selfs potential.
In our case we exhausted Selfs potentials and opened the gate
for Self/Us.

Your idea of telling me that not all people think the same way
and so on does not fit at all in the context of computer science
especially while SCIENCE and even as art!!!!

Every researcher that wants to be called a scientific researcher
has the  moral responsibility of evidencing truth (this is also
valid for artistic researchers, art is also a scientifc experience!!!).

So what I feel is that researchers in computer science like architects
forget about science and try to deliver just what adapts to
a reality of poor technology and what market demands.

I am sure I will never run the risk of falling into this category. And of
course I intend to  join  a Symposium  about Sustainable Development and a
New System of Societal  Values to be held in Austria in December
to deal with this issue!!

Thank you very much for the excellent reference to the report above.
Indeed I am a great fan of the Beta group!!!!!

Best wishes


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