Stefan Urbanek wrote:
Hi Stef!


On 2004-03-06 10:57:42 +0100 Albertina Lourenci <> wrote:

> Stefan Urbanek wrote:
> Dear Stefan!
> See below!
>> On 2004-03-05 22:06:07 +0100 Jecel Assumpcao Jr <> wrote:


>> The advantage is, as I have mentioned before, the different computational
>> model and well tested, fast runtime. Those are features that no other (or
>> very few) scripting languages/environments offer. This moves Self to
>> another, higher level, where one can use it not only for small pieces of
>> code. One can use it for larger (user customisable) parts of an
>> application. There are lots problems that can be solved in Self much more
>> easier than in C/C++/ObjectiveC.
> I believe nobody has doubts about Self's power of expressiveness.

Well ... nobody here has doubts. You know about the power, people on this list know, I do and perhaps very-very few others, but that is all. In fact, Self does not exists. I'll move a bit offtopic, but ... if current developers of self will retire, Self will retire with them. And that would be pity.
Sure! When they die the world will not be better and they will die without memory! I am running the same risk with my modeling

to design and plan sustainable cities.
Many interesting applications will stop because computer science is still crawling!
>> How I see it? Application using one or more Self environments. Ok, now I
>> let my imagination go... What about stadard application as a frontend to a
>> distributed self environments on different machines?
> This sounds great. Distributed Self environments on different machines as the
> basis of a collaborative architecture. Something
> like OpenCroquet (Alan Kay and so on) intends to offer to develop
> applications written in Squeak?:-)!

Yes, and it is not too difficult to create something with OpenCroquet idea.

Here where  I am Internet 2 is already a reality. Hence we could run
OpenCroquet when there will be a working version available and
work collaboratively with researchers in American universities.
Different from Squeak implementation there is one, perhaps not very nice analogy:

There is: WWW (passive) worlds +  web browser
There can be: Self (active) worlds + not-yet-written user (non-self) interface application.
Something like OpenCroquet in (SelfCroquet :-)!) sounds wonderful!

If environment-native application (with environment-native visualising graphical tools) was used as an entrance or window to Self worlds, then it can be easily adaptable for potential users. And I think that it would be much more easier to introduce native app than to introduce something totally new.

Just imagine what everything can be done with those "living selfish worlds"... :-)
It is up to us  that tune to "living selfish worlds" to accomplish them :-)!

Best regards,

Stefan Urbanek

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
- Mahatma Gandhi

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