If you are running the scheduler--you'll have a prompt like "Self 1" -- you can just omit the parentheses and use "square" instead of "squared". It will work.

"Self 4" |x. y| x: 3. y: 4. x square + y square

- David

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I recently downloaded Self 4.4 Snapshot and the corresponding VM for Linux.
The installation worked but I encountered a problem following the Tutorial from http://selflanguage.org.

I tried to execute

(| x. y | x: 3. y: 4. x squared + y squared)

in the evaluator of the shell object but i get "inner methods are no longer supported, slot-list within a sub expression is not legal" errors.

Is this something new in the 4.4 Version?
Are there no message objects anymore?


I'm sorry if this is a repost. I figured my subscription wasn't ready at the time i first posted to this group/list.