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> If anyone feels like helping, on the Self side, at the moment I just call out to a c compiler or assembler. It would be nice if there was a pure Self x86 assembler, or even a simple compiler from a C level language (which would help retargeting if we do that later).

Would linking to LLVM be useful? Or is that too heavyweight a
dependency? If an LLVM backend was made that would also ease porting
to 64 bit. I'm not a big fan of using it since it moves further away
from pure Self code.

I’m not sure what LLVM gives us. We’re only talking fragments of code, so I doubt we need much optimisation. I suppose it gives us some portability but so does just calling out to a C compiler (in fact that’s more so because we’re not locked into a single compiler)

Klein has an assembler but I think it is Sparc and PowerPC. It might
serve as a base to add x86 though.

Interesting. I’ll have a look.