Dear Selfers:

Some time ago by January, I promised I would make available the
outcome of my readings. Well the final Scientific Report for Foundation
of Protection to Research of São Paulo State will be at my home pages
by September.
But right now I have a short position (4 pages)  entitled An evolutive
architecture reasons as a semiotic, hermeneutic and autopoietic entity.
that I will present at the
International Workshop on Principles of Software Evolution(IWPSE 2001)
September 10-11, 2001, Vienna
in Vienna in September.

I would like to receive your comments especially because I joined last
ECOOP'01 in Budapest and talking to many language designers there
I concluded that the lack of training of  computer scientists in art
makes it difficult for them to design  or understand really interactive
and expressive languages like Self. Many  programmers there praised SElf/Us
but do not know to do something similar or program in it.

On the other hand, there is a growing consensus that OO paradigm is
reaching stagnation. This is considered worse than a crisis.

I look forward to your comments.

Best wishes

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